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About Us

The Pewter Pot

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Our Story

The Pewter Pot is a family owned store located in the former Linwood Mill Payroll building.

The Linwood Mill was built in 1866 by members of the Whitin family, who had purchased land in the area in the late 1840s. The Whitins had a history in the textile industry dating as far back as 1809, and are for whom the Northbridge village of Whitinsville is named. At the time of Linwood’s development they owned virtually all of the textile industry in Northbridge. The Linwood property was built to process cotton, and produced cambrics, sateens, and shirting fabric. The original mill was a ​3 1/2 – story brick structure, which was expanded c. 1870 with the addition of a steam power plant in order to increase production.