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Leave behind the inevitable stresses of everyday life and surround yourself with a charming reality. Curl up on your cozy sofa draped with lush fabrics and absorb the beautiful ambiance in your home created by our candle collections.

Come and visit us and browse our unique items.

Timberwick™ Candles

Timberwick™ candles are a great candle to light in the comforts of your home to help you unwind after a long day. Once lit, close your eyes and allow the candle to transport you… cozying up to a warm, crackling fireplace.

The crackling burn of the handcrafted TimberWick™ candles has a soothing and calming effect, almost hypnotic. The uniqueness of the wood wick allows the candle to self-consume and produce a better overall burn. TimberWick™ candles enrich the atmosphere of any room with it’s warm and comforting glow.

We’re adding new items all the time.